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Close To Meet

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开发 Close To Meet

Close To Meet is the first free mobile application that lets you locate your friends around the world in real time, using just their phone number! Close To Meet also allows you to import all your Facebook friends and locate them too! With Close To Meet, you dont need to create a username or password. And of course its up to you if your friends can locate you or not - just alter the simple privacy settings.

Whether you are on holiday, traveling, out and about or simply at home, always know when your friends are near you.


- ITS FREE: Close To Meet is completely free and always will be, thanks to the banner ads. Once you have installed the application, you can use all features immediately!

** Alternatively, if you want to get rid of the banner ads, you can pay a small annual fee. **

- PRESERVE YOUR PRIVACY: Your privacy is ensured by specific parameters and intelligent filters. You share your location only with those you choose to.

- NO LOGIN OR PASSWORD TO REMEMBER: Your phone number is the only thing you need to create your account!

- NO NEED TO ADD FRIENDS: Close To Meet accesses your address book to see which of your friends are already using the application. So in just a few seconds, you’ll be connected to all your loved ones. (But don’t worry you won’t be able to locate each other until you create a link with them!)

- FACEBOOK FRIENDS: Close To Meet also allows you to import your Facebook friends and create links with them so you can locate each other too!

- REAL-TIME GEOLOCATION: no need to "check-in" on Close To Meet, the app locates you and your friends in real-time!

- YOU’RE ALWAYS CONNECTED: Close To Meet remains active even if the application is closed. Through the use of push notifications youll never miss out.

- REAL-TIME CHAT: With Close To Meet you can chat with one or more friends, in real time, completely for free! Your pending messages are retained even if your phone is off or out of network coverage.

- "LET’S MEET" FUNCTION: Arrange something with your friends who are nearby in a matter of seconds! Whether it’s catching a movie, grabbing some dinner or having a drink, there is nothing nicer than getting together with your friends and family.

- "YOURE CLOSE TO MEET" ALERT: Thanks to the alert "Youre Close To Meet", you will be notified when a friend, present in your favorites, is nearby. You can choose the distance in the Settings section.

- AND MUCH MORE: Send group messages to all your friends, create custom groups of friends, manage your "favorites", update your status, view "hotspots" on the map, use display filters for increased clarity, invite all your friends to use Close To Meet in a matter of seconds, back-up your data, and so much more...

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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